Mariya Marinova, senza titolo, tecnica mista su tela, 160 cm x 160 cm, 2007

In my artistic research I am focusing on the relation between human and Nature, art and sustainability, natural phenomena and their aesthetic and anthropological impact.
In my early paintings I have been exploring the concept of “organic”as a natural model of forms and patterns found in living systems, but also as a metaphor for life. Organic shapes, structures and textures, but also the organized chaos of fractal patterns, the natural law of order and the tendency to disorder in entropy. Natural processes like decomposition and germination or metamorphosis and mutation in micro- and macro scales. In my recent personal exhibitions (“Listen To Trees”, Nelimarkka Museum, Finland, 2015 and “MetaForest: Forest’s Metaphors for Life, Nordic Art School, Kokkola, Finland, 2015) I have been working on the Forest as an aesthetic and as a sustainability concept.